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 Hello there!

We are two sixty-somethings from the English Midlands who had the good fortune to be able to retire six years ago, buy a motorhome and start travelling “from time to time”.

Our first purchase was an Autocruise Alto, a compact ‘starter’ van that allowed us to discover what was important to us in a motorhome. We traveled around for roughly two week trips over the five years we had this van visiting Scotland; Sweden; Denmark; Germany; France; Italy ……. oh and did I mention France again? These were mostly fleeting visits giving us a taster on which to base future plans. Unfortunately this van never did get a name 😦

Inevitably we acquired a lot more kit and found space was getting tight – no doubt about it we needed to look at larger vans.  After assessing our needs and likes we spent many months searching for our ‘ultimate’ van – Ruby was our choice. She is a 2016 Knaus Sun Ti 650mf with the same layout as the Alto after all, why change it if it still suits us?

For her maiden voyage we took Ruby across France and Luxembourg and through the Alps to Tuscany last October and thoroughly enjoyed visiting Florence; Sienna; San Gimignano; Pisa; Lucca; not forgetting the Ferrari museum at Fiorano Modense/Maranello.  We completed the circle driving along the Italian and French Rivieras.

So our travels continue………………


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